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Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions

Whilst free standing cupboards and dresser units give a traditional and homely look to a kitchen, most people these days opt for a fully fitted kitchen. There are many different practical storage solutions available for even the smallest of kitchens. Some of the most popular are large pull-out drawers instead of cupboards, making items easier to reach, magic corner units meaning allowing items to be accessible even at the back of a corner cupboard, full height pull-out larder units and deep pan drawers.

Open shelves can be used for displaying beautiful crockery and other kitchen items, although avoid having them too near the hob as objects will become greasy and dusty. Hanging rails and racks can also be used to store pans and utensils.

Some spaces are too small for a cupboard but can be utilised by inserting a wine rack, shelving for books or display items, towel rails or slim-line pull-out units for bottles and jars.

Wire racks for spices, or small jars / bottles can be fixed to the back of doors for extra storage. Cupboards can also be fitted with bins, including a number of recycling options.

Even appliances can be fitted into small areas, for instance dishwashers designed to fit into a drawer space, warming drawers and chilling drawers.

There are literally hundreds of storage solutions available. Please ask your designer to show you the options that will most suit your needs.

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Pull out larder unit