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How Good Kitchen Design Can Add Value To Your Home

The principles of good kitchen design apply no matter what your goals. If you want a complete and drastic kitchen overhaul, ripping out everything and starting with completely new units, appliances, worktops and flooring, this requires the same principles of design as a simple cosmetic update.

To achieve the ideal design, it is best not to act on your instincts but instead allow yourself a period to plan and workout the necessary finances for all the different options. The three main components you need to take into account are your budget, the function of the kitchen, and the space that you have. Without having all three working as one in your design plan you will never achieve the layout you want.

Do your own research
Even if you decide to seek professional advice from a kitchen designer, or architect, you will still need to have a pretty solid idea of what you want your kitchen to do for you and the general decorative style. Do as much research as you can online, in libraries and by watching makeover documentaries on television. Merge this with your sense of creativity, and you should end up with a firm vision in your mind of what you want from your kitchen.

Consider its uses
You have to ask yourself how you actually like to use your kitchen. Do you eat, watch television, do the children's homework etc. in your kitchen? Or is it just a place to cook from, where you then take the food to be eaten elsewhere in the house? To save yourself unnecessary expense, try and allocate your budget effectively by looking at all the different options available to you from new technology and appliances. Ultimately, you want a practical but stylish kitchen that's going to last you for years.

Adding value to your home
Of all the rooms in the home that you could potentially spend money on, kitchens are known to have the greatest return on investment in terms of adding value to your property. People will put up with less than ideal bedrooms, but few will tolerate a kitchen that they cannot stand or even see the potential in. Installing a new kitchen is the most guaranteed way to increase the value of a property, and make it more desirable to potential home buyers. If you have been trying to sell your home for some time, without much luck, it could be the kitchen that is the sticking point. Even if you are not considering a move but wish to stay where you are for several years to come, be wise in your choice of design and quality of craftsmanship.

Also, be sensible about the amount that you end up spending. A small terraced house in Kettering, Wellingborough or Northampton would not benefit from the same outlay as one of the bigger detached mansions. A more modern home in Milton Keynes needs to have a kitchen installed that fits with its time in history. For example, a Victorian-esque cottage type kitchen would probably look out of place in a modern three-bedroom semi-detached.

However, above all these cost and style considerations is whether or not you will actually enjoy being in your kitchen and find using it a thing you look forward to rather than a chore. Be careful of going for current fads and trends that might look good this year, but be out of fashion the next. If you want to play it safe, yet stylish, choose neutral shades and classic style cupboards instead of avant-garde fittings and appliances. Try to work with the character and period details of your house so that the style of the kitchen and the rest of the property complement each other.

You can always add value by updating the kitchen rather than fully refitting it. A well-organised and soundly built kitchen installed by a previous occupier can always be upgraded through simple cosmetic changes such as a new paint job, new doors, worktops, shelving and upgraded accessories. Anything that takes a lot of wear and tear such as worktops or certain cupboard doors can also be easily changed to transform the look of a worn out the kitchen. For further details on kitchen refurbishment, please see our article 'Fitting an entirely brand new kitchen verses kitchen door replacement'.