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Fitting an entirely brand-new kitchen versus kitchen door replacement

A lot of homeowners in the Milton Keynes, Northampton, Wellingborough and Kettering areas are reaping the benefits of having fresh, new looking kitchens using the Polaris Kitchens door and worktop replacement service, without the associated hassle and expense of a completely new kitchen installation.

Some of the more traditional properties in Northampton, Wellingborough and Kettering (and to some extent in Milton Keynes) have had in the last 10 years perfectly sound, in structural terms, kitchen refits. However, as people's tastes change and styles develop, kitchen door replacement on units has been one of the most effective strategies, in terms of cost and design, of getting a new look, where there has been no real need to rip out the existing base and wall units.

Even though the housing market may be at a go slow pace for the moment, many properties are still reaping the benefits of the last housing boom where lots of houses and flats had completely new kitchen installations when the buyers first moved in and by simply updating the existing kitchen, money is saved in the short term and the property value is retained in the long term.

Replacement kitchen doors are less of a waste of resources
There may be absolutely no need to dismantle an existing kitchen in order to provide a new look. If you're interested in changing the design then it can actually be done just through the replacement of the existing unit doors. The bonus here is that this obviously is going to save you a lot of time and money compared to a completely brand-new kitchen installation.
It may be the case that your current structures are fine and do not need replacing. You can easily create an entirely new look kitchen just by exchanging the existing drawer fronts and doors. The same rule applies to your colour scheme too as it is possible to change and match any end panels and trims.

Replacing kitchen doors is much easier
It does not take a lot of DIY expertise to replace kitchen doors. In fact, if you can put up shelving or hang a mirror you can probably easily accomplish a kitchen makeover just using new doors and drawer fronts. Even if you did not want to attempt the job yourself, you're going to save a lot of money compared to a brand-new installation because it will not take a skilled tradesman long to replace the doors either.

Bear in mind that a total overhaul of the kitchen is not so straightforward because you are going to need the skills of tilers, plumbers, and electricians. And depending on your choice of worktops and other fittings you may also require a skilled joiner.

A lot of people nowadays are choosing to avoid the costs involved in a new fitted kitchen. Instead they are opting for replacement kitchen doors and drawers (for many people, unless they have funding via a home loan or mortgage the costs are sometimes prohibitive). It is difficult to give an exact price comparison but you are probably looking at the difference between hundreds of pounds versus thousands of pounds to achieve a vibrant and fresh looking kitchen.

In addition to the costs of a completely new kitchen installation there may also end up being hidden costs that you could to encounter when ripping out the existing kitchen. These are things such as plastering, electrical or plumbin work, flooring, decorating, even building work, depending on the scale of the issues uncoverd during removal of the existing kitchen.

Kitchen door replacement is a much quicker option
Sometimes it can take weeks for a brand-new kitchen installation due to the above mentioned works that may have to be carried out. In contrast to this however, all of your kitchen doors can be replaced in 24-48 hours in many cases.

Another thing to bear in mind if you are trying to avoid hassle is that there is none of the associated inconveniences when replacing kitchen doors and drawer fronts compared to fitting a complete kitchen. You may well be living on takeaways for a couple of weeks while you are waiting for plumbers, electricians, carpenters and kitchen fitters to finish a total refit. With replacement kitchen doors all your appliances are still in place and fully functional.
So if the idea of living on a building site for a few weeks is not to your liking then go for the replacement door option. Remember, for a total kitchen refit, water and electrical services may have to be turned off for work to be completed.

Increasingly nowadays because of the designs offered and economical advantages, replacement kitchen doors are becoming one of the most popular ways of gaining a new kitchen. If you are a resident in Milton Keynes, Northampton, Wellingborough or Kettering and you would like to discuss how kitchen door replacement on units can work for you, then contact us today to discuss your needs.